Have you ever had the opportunity to visit the south of France? What do you think of a unique stay at Les Mimosas campsite in a place combining mountain and sea?

Go on an adventure trip to the French department of Hérault, located in the Occitanie region, the cultural region of southern Europe. Your stay will be a real treat and you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Lac du Salagou in Languedoc-Roussillon. Several leisure activities will be offered to you (water sports activities, swimming, hiking, excursions, etc.) in a 7 km-long lake where you can get away from it all in the countryside and get away from stress. If you are interested in the leisure activities available in Lake Salagou, read the rest of the article and you will be informed in detail.

An ideal place for family outings

If you plan to book at Les Mimosas campsite, you will certainly have the chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Lake Salagou, to discover our campsite click here. This artificial lake, which has been made up of dams for several years, has developed to become a Natura 2000 classified site, given its very significant fauna and flora heritage value. For lovers of walks and hikes, you can enjoy a special panoramic view putting the lake in the heart of the red stone mountains and cliffs rich in greenery. The most attractive thing about this site is the red color of the rocks that surround it and the mountains that embellish it. A rather remarkable red and black color which is explained by the volcanic nature of the neighboring mountains. You can therefore take advantage of an individual or guided visit to study in detail its exceptional flora and unique geology. You can also stroll in the adjacent countryside and discover the cultural richness that surrounds it (vineyards, olive trees, ...). A complementary alliance of nature and culture.

A unique site dedicated to water sports

Water sports enthusiasts can freely enjoy themselves in Lake Salagou and enjoy their favorite sport or try a new sport to relax. Go canoeing or kayaking and you will surely have the chance to discover other places more pleasant to see and experience unique sensations. Circulate along the lake of Salagou and you will be dazzled by the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and of a dazzling fauna composed especially of species of aquatic birds (Duck, Kingfisher, Gallinule hen of water, ...). A quest for discovery, contemplation and fun will be guaranteed if you try to venture out on a Kayak or canoe. Solo, you can switch to Stand-up Paddle for an intense pleasure of adventure by the lake.